GE Horse Management means: Individual training for horse and rider.

Creating a training programme in preparation for competitions.

Developing a comprehensive plan for national and international competitions. 

Support and advice when walking the course, warm up and a detailed review after the ride. 



Elliott Gordon is an experienced and successful professional Equestrian Show Jumper and Trainer.

Educating and coaching both riders and horses is Elliott’s passion and he takes pride in preparing both clients and their horses for competitions in Germany and the International circuit. He also supports and gives advice during the competitions helping his students to successfully achieve their goals to international level.

Elliott trains young talented horses, exercises and works older horses and presents them in competitions.

Elliott is a native English speaker and this is particularly helpful when dealing with international clients.

His strengths lie in training and presenting young talented horses up to international levels. His expertise allows him to also train clients’ horses enabling them to have an easier ride.

First and foremost it is important to bond with our clients and their horses which is fundamental to ensure good horse management and rider/horse relationship.

Please contact us if you are interested in having your horse educated or an individual training session.

Buying Horses

Due to his extensive knowledge and experience, Elliott is able to evaluate a horse on the ground and from the saddle and uses this skill when training his students. It also assists him in finding the perfect horse for each individual rider. Of course his expertise together with his domestic and international contacts are beneficial in choosing the right match.

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We have a great team of reliable and dedicated people who give all the horses the very best care and attention and make sure the yard runs smoothly.

Elliott Gordon has had his own business since 2004.  He has also had a successful career on the National circuit and during this time has won over 100 1.40m to 1.50m classes.  Over the last few years Elliott has been concentrating more on international competitions and has had multiple top placings in World Ranking List and Grand Prix competitions winning CSI** Kreuth and CSI*** St Giovanni (Italy).
Felicitas Erfurt Gordon:

In addition to her job in a management context, Felicitas also competes at international and national competitions. She takes advantage of the training and assists in customer support.

Dr. Ugo Carozzo is a renowned Italian veterinarian and well known throughout Europe. He regularly visits our yard during his rounds through Germany. Should an emergency occur he is quickly available.